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Society encourages a simple success/happiness model. The narrative goes like this: Work hard so that you’ll become successful, and once you’re sufficiently successful, you’ll be happy, experience life satisfaction, and high levels of wellbeing. 

The suggestion is that our levels of life satisfaction or wellbeing today don’t really matter. First, set goals, become a success, and then happiness & wellbeing will follow. 

Once you reach your lofty goals, earn enough money, drive a nice car, own a lovely house, and are successful in your career, then you’ll be satisfied with your life. And if not, maybe lose those extra few pounds, earn some more money, and then you’ll be successful. Keep chasing after success, and once you’ve made it, then you’ll be happy. 


The only problem with that model is that it’s broken. 


No matter who you are or what you do, there’s always more success to be chased after. More money, more fame, more power — it never ends.


Once you reach your goals, you’ll set some more, and once you achieve that goal, another one follows. Most of us pursue one unfulfilling goal after another, but never really change how we feel.


And even if all goes perfectly, and we “make it”, and become mega successful, what then? We’ve all heard of drug-addicted movie stars and grumpy millionaires, not exactly role models of where we want to be in our lives. Essentially the formula is broken because it’s backwards.


High levels of wellbeing actually boost our performance, and our potential to succeed, not the other way around.


When we experience high wellbeing, when our mindset and mood are positive, we are smarter, more motivated, more productive, and thus more successful.

Wellbeing doesn’t just benefit us because it makes us feel good. Of course the experience of joy, contentment, or positive wellbeing, combined with a sense that life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile, is all we could ever ask for. But the benefits are even greater.


Wellbeing, it turns out, is a necessary ingredient for living a healthy and successful life.


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